About Zia Seoul Radio

Zia Seoul Radio is an Internet radio station that plays music from South Korean artists and groups. We play mostly Korean pop (K-pop), but we also play music from Korean rock, pop, indie and trot artists. We play music 24/7 with about a couple short break each hour for regional-specific ads (or K-pop instrumentals if your region doesn’t get ads).

The main goal of Zia Seoul Radio is to share South Korean artists with people who are curious, in addition to playing music for fans of this genre. I hope that curious people will enjoy the music and become fans just like I did around the end of 2011.

The station is listener-supported.

About Me

Hi. I’m Abby and Zia Seoul Radio is my home here in cyberspace. I have been a fan of K-pop since my niece introduced me to Super Junior, Girls Generation, and SE7EN back in the winter of 2011. I live in New Mexico (which is why I decided to use Zia in the station name.

I am married to a wonderful man who supports my love of K-pop and we have four cats.

For those of you that are curious, my favorite South Korean artists/groups are BTS, VIXX, MAMAMOO, SHINHWA, MFBTY, Yoon Mi-rae, Sunmi, Kim Areum, and Eric Nam. But I listen to pretty much everything.

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