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April 1, 2019 | Station News

In early March, I decided the station needed a revamp. After several weeks of work, I’m pleased to announce that Zia Seoul Radio has relaunched with a change in logo, a revamped and expanded web site, and a new hosting platform for the station.

The new logo reflects the station with the headphones surrounded by a stylized zia sun symbol to connect the station with my home here in New Mexico. Purple is my favorite color so I decided to go with it for the logo.

Gone is the old website with the pink background (what was I thinking!!??) with a player and out-of-date-calendar. I have started from the ground up and have created a site that will grow as the station grows. You can see what is currently playing on the station and click the “Listen Live” button to take you to the player. There is now a blog with music news to let you know about new releases, upcoming releases, concerts, and more.what is going on both here and in the world of K-pop music. You can submit song requests directly from the website too. Take a look around, now that the site is live news I will start adding news and continue making additions to the site.

Finally, I decided to move away from Live365. Starting today the station has new home on a different platform. This new service has a better system for me to set up music that will allow me to run the station much smoother. This will free up my time to be able to provide you with music news on the website, work on new programming for the station, take your requests, and keep me from pulling my hair out.

My work is not done, but it’s good to be back!




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